Delete Enclave Tag From Report

DELETE /1.2/reports/{id}/enclave-tags?name={tag_name}&enclaveId={enclave_id}&idType={id_type}


Deletes a tag from an incident report, for the given enclave.


Parameter Required Description
id X TruSTAR report id or external tracking id
idType   internal or external (defaults to internal when not provided)
name X the name of the tag to delete
enclaveId X the id of the enclave to delete the tag from


200 (OK)

    "guid": enclave tag guid,
    "name": tag name,
    "count": number of times the tag has been applied,
    "enclaveId": id of the enclave the tag belongs to

The enclave tag that was added to the report.

400 (Bad Request)

OK message if the operation was successful

403 (Forbidden)

    "timestamp": milliseconds since epoc,
    "error":"Bad Request",
    "message": error detail (e.g. user cannot access report)

404 (Not Found)

    "timestamp": milliseconds since epoc,
    "error":"Not Found",
    "message": error detail (e.g. report not found)

Example Usage


curl -k -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" -XDELETE ""