Not Found (404)

This error code is returned when the user attempts to request an resource that cannot be found. For instance, a 404 will be returned if a user tries to get a report with an ID that does not exist. Note that a 404 will be returned whenever the URI cannot be found. This can often result from misspellings. For instance, the call GET /reports/7fbb4736-268c-11e8-b467-0ed5f89f718b will return a 404 if no report with this ID exists, but the call GET /report/7fbb4736-268c-11e8-b467-0ed5f89f718b will also return a 404, since the URL /report/{id} (note the missing “s” at the end of “report”) does not map to any known operation.

Sample JSON

    "timestamp": 1520964337964,
    "status": 404,
    "error": "Not Found",
    "message": "Report not found using internal id: de2afe9f-8326-4972-86e8-ff5dcc468da0",
    "path": "/api/1.3/reports/de2afe9f-8326-4972-86e8-ff5dcc468da0"