Get Correlated Reports (Page)

TruStar.get_correlated_reports_page(indicators, enclave_ids=None, is_enclave=True, page_size=None, page_number=None)

Retrieves a page of all TruSTAR reports that contain the searched indicators.

  • indicators – A list of indicator values to retrieve correlated reports for.
  • enclave_ids – The enclaves to search in.
  • is_enclave – Whether to search enclave reports or community reports.
  • page_number (int) – the page number to get.
  • page_size (int) – the size of the page to be returned.

The list of IDs of reports that correlated.


>>> reports = ts.get_correlated_reports_page(["wannacry", ""]).items
>>> print([ for report in reports])
["e3bc6921-e2c8-42eb-829e-eea8da2d3f36", "4d04804f-ff82-4a0b-8586-c42aef2f6f73"]