Get Report Status

GET /1.3/reports/{id}/status


Finds the processing status of a report. This can be useful for understanding when a particular report is fully processed after it is submitted or updated. For example, once a report is submitted, the indicators in the report will be available once the report is successfully processed, i.e the status is SUBMISSION_SUCCESS.

The possible status values for a report are: SUBMISSION_PROCESSING, SUBMISSION_SUCCESS, SUBMISSION_FAILURE, or UNKNOWN. A report can have an UNKNOWN processing status if the report has not begun processing or if it is an older report that has not been recently updated.


URL Path Parameters

Parameter Required Default Description
id X   The ID of the report generated by TruSTAR.

Response (200)

The response JSON is a ReportStatus object.

Report Status

The report’s processing status.

Field Type Description
id String The ID of the report.
status String The processing status of the report. Possible status values: SUBMISSION_PROCESSING, SUBMISSION_SUCCESS, SUBMISSION_FAILURE, or UNKNOWN.
errorMessage String The error that occurred if the report failed to be fully processed. This value will only be present if the status is SUBMISSION_FAILURE).

Example Usage


curl -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" \


    "id": "3f8824de-7858-4e07-b6d5-f02d020ee675",
    "errorMessage": ""