Get Indicator Summaries

TruStar.get_indicator_summaries(values, enclave_ids=None, start_page=0, page_size=None)

Creates a generator from the get_indicator_summaries_page method that returns each successive indicator summary.

  • values (list(string)) – A list of indicator values to query. These must exactly match values in the TruSTAR system. In order to perform a fuzzy match, you must first use the search_indicators method to lookup the exact indicator values, then provide them to this endpoint.
  • enclave_ids (list(string)) – The enclaves to search for indicator summaries in. These should be enclaves containing data from sources on the TruSTAR Marketplace. This parameter is optional, if not provided then all of the user’s enclaves will be used.
  • start_page (int) – the page to start on.
  • page_size (int) – the size of the page to be returned.

A generator of IndicatorSummary objects.