Get Indicators

TruStar.get_indicators(from_time=None, to_time=None, enclave_ids=None, included_tag_ids=None, excluded_tag_ids=None, start_page=0, page_size=None)

Creates a generator from the get_indicators_page method that returns each successive indicator as an Indicator object containing values for the ‘value’ and ‘type’ attributes only; all other Indicator object attributes will contain Null values.

  • from_time (int) – start of time window in milliseconds since epoch (defaults to 7 days ago).
  • to_time (int) – end of time window in milliseconds since epoch (defaults to current time).
  • enclave_ids (list(string)) – a list of enclave IDs from which to get indicators from.
  • included_tag_ids (list(string)) – only indicators containing ALL of these tag GUIDs will be returned.
  • excluded_tag_ids (list(string)) – only indicators containing NONE of these tags GUIDs be returned.
  • start_page (int) – see ‘page_size’ explanation.
  • page_size (int) – Passing the integer 1000 as the argument to this parameter should result in your script

making fewer API calls because it returns the largest quantity of indicators with each API call. An API call has to be made to fetch each NumberedPage. :return: A generator of Indicator objects containing values for the “value” and “type” attributes only. All other attributes of the Indicator object will contain Null values.