Get Request Quotas

GET /1.3/request-quotas


This endpoint returns the current status of the company’s request quotas. A request quota is a maximum number of requests that a company can send to the API during a given time window.


The API also enforces short-term rate limits, which are not represented here.

Exempt Endpoints

These endpoints are exempt from request quotas, however are still subject to short-term rate limits:

Response (200)

A JSON containing the following fields:

Parameter Description
guid The GUID of the counter.
maxRequests The maximum number of requests allowed during the time window.
usedRequests The number of requests the user has used during the time window.
timeWindow The length of the time window in milliseconds.
lastResetTime The time that the counter was last reset, in milliseconds since epoch.
nextResetTime The time that the counter will next be reset, in milliseconds since epoch.

Example Usage


curl -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" ""


        "guid": "a11260b3-9fe6-ff5b-38bf-e42551128541",
        "maxRequests": 3000,
        "usedRequests": 5,
        "timeWindow": 86400000,
        "lastResetTime": 1524614400000,
        "nextResetTime": 1524700800000