Payload Too Large (413)

In general, a 413 indicates that the request is too large, meaning that it literally contains too many bytes. However, this error code is commonly returned when a user is submitting or updating a report, and too many indicators are extracted from the report body that has been submitted.

The maximum number of indicators a report is allowed to contain is 500. This is because of the strain that reports with extremely large numbers of indicators can put on our servers. Currently, the only solution in the event of this error is to split the report into smaller reports.

As part of initiatives that are currently in progress, we plan to be able to handle significantly more indicators within a single report or collection. But still, there will always be some physical bound on the size of reports that we process, in order to ensure the stability of our servers and the integrity the data within our system.

Sample JSON

   "status": 413,
   "timestamp": 1520925430490,
   "message": "Incident Report contains too many indicators or the file size is too large - Consider splitting into smaller reports. Max indicators extracted per report are 500",
   "path": "/api/1.3/reports",
   "error": "Payload Too Large"