class trustar.models.phishing_submission.PhishingSubmission(submission_id=None, title=None, priority_event_score=None, status=None, context=None)

Models a PhishingSubmission

context is a dictionary containing these fields: indicatorType, indicatorValue, sourceKey, normalizedIndicatorScore

  • submission_id – The id of the email submission
  • title – The title of the email submission (email subject)
  • priority_event_score – The score of the email submission
  • status – The current triage status of a submission (“UNRESOLVED”, “CONFIRMED”, or “IGNORED”)
  • context – A list containing dicts which represent IOCs, sources, and scores that contributed to to the triage score.
classmethod from_dict(phishing_submission)

Creates a phishing submission object from a dictionary.

Parameters:phishing_submission – The phishing submission dictionary.
Returns:The PhishingSubmission object.

Creates a dictionary representation of a phishing submission.

Parameters:remove_nones – Whether None values should be filtered out of the dictionary. Defaults to False.
Returns:A PhishingSubmission object.