Add Tag To Report

POST /1.3/reports/{id}/tags


Deprecated! This endpoint is still active for backwards-compatibility, but has been replaced by /1.3/reports/{id}/alter-tags, which allows bulk tag operations.


Creates a tag on an incident report. If the tag already exists, this will have no effect.


Parameter Required Default Description
id X   TruSTAR report id or external tracking id.
idType   internal internal or external (the ID type of the report ID)
name X   The name of the tag to create.
enclaveId X   The id of the enclave to create the tag in. NOTE: This field is deprecated. Report tags are no longer enclave-specific. This field will be ignored if it is filled out.

Response (200)

The name of the tag that was created.

Example Usage


curl -k -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" -XPOST \