Get Report Details

GET /1.3/reports/{id}


Finds a report by its internal or external id.


Parameter Required Default Description
id X   TruSTAR report id or external tracking id
idType   internal internal or external
includeNotes   false Whether to include the report notes in the response. WARNING: Notes are deprecated and will be removed soon. This field has been added to allow clients to export existing notes for historical records.

Response (200)

A Report object.

Example Usage


curl -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" \


    "id": "b11d4516-9935-4be7-9d6a-4940b564d32e",
    "externalId": "1234",
    "created": 1501175290467,
    "updated": 1501175290467,
    "title": "Downloaded malware today",
    "sector": {
        "name": "health",
        "label": "Health"
    "distributionType": "ENCLAVE",
    "enclaveIds": [
    "timeBegan": 1501175280256,
    "reportBody": "I visited and downloaded malware.exe.",
    "notes": [
            "note": "Interesting.  Did you try deleting the malware?",
            "user": "",
            "created": 1629822721000,
            "updated": 1629822721000