Get Reports (Page)

TruStar.get_reports_page(is_enclave=None, enclave_ids=None, tag=None, excluded_tags=None, from_time=None, to_time=None)

Retrieves a page of reports, filtering by time window, distribution type, enclave association, and tag. The results are sorted by updated time. This method does not take page_number and page_size parameters. Instead, each successive page must be found by adjusting the from_time and to_time parameters.

Note: This endpoint will only return reports from a time window of maximum size of 2 weeks. If you give a time window larger than 2 weeks, it will pull reports starting at 2 weeks before the “to” date, through the “to” date.

  • is_enclave (boolean) – restrict reports to specific distribution type (optional - by default all accessible reports are returned).
  • enclave_ids (list(str)) – list of enclave ids used to restrict reports to specific enclaves (optional - by default reports from all of user’s enclaves are returned)
  • tag (list(str)) – Name (or list of names) of tag(s) to filter reports by. Only reports containing ALL of these tags will be returned.
  • excluded_tags (list(str)) – Reports containing ANY of these tags will be excluded from the results.
  • from_time (int) – start of time window in milliseconds since epoch (optional)
  • to_time (int) – end of time window in milliseconds since epoch (optional)

A NumberedPage of Report objects.