Enclave Permissions

class trustar.models.enclave.EnclavePermissions(id, name=None, type=None, read=None, create=None, update=None)

Models an Enclave object, but also contains the permissions that the requesting user has to the enclave.

classmethod from_dict(d)

Create a enclave object from a dictionary.

Parameters:d – The dictionary.
Returns:The EnclavePermissions object.
classmethod from_enclave(enclave)

Create an EnclavePermissions object from an Enclave object.

Parameters:enclave – the Enclave object
Returns:an EnclavePermissions object

Creates a dictionary representation of the enclave.

Parameters:remove_nones – Whether None values should be filtered out of the dictionary. Defaults to False.
Returns:A dictionary representation of the EnclavePermissions object.