Get Indicator Summaries (Page)

TruStar.get_indicator_summaries_page(values, enclave_ids=None, page_number=0, page_size=None)

Provides structured summaries about indicators, which are derived from intelligence sources on the TruSTAR Marketplace.

  • values (list(string)) – A list of indicator values to query. These must exactly match values in the TruSTAR system. In order to perform a fuzzy match, you must first use the search_indicators method to lookup the exact indicator values, then provide them to this endpoint.
  • enclave_ids (list(string)) – The enclaves to search for indicator summaries in. These should be enclaves containing data from sources on the TruSTAR Marketplace.
  • page_number (int) – the page to get.
  • page_size (int) – the size of the page to be returned.

A generator of IndicatorSummary objects.