Get Phishing Submissions

TruStar.get_phishing_submissions(from_time=None, to_time=None, normalized_triage_score=None, enclave_ids=None, status=None, cursor=None)

Fetches all phishing submissions that fit a given criteria.

  • from_time (int) – Start of time window in milliseconds since epoch (defaults to 7 days ago)
  • to_time (int) – End of time window in milliseconds since epoch (defaults to current time)
  • normalized_triage_score (list(int)) – List of desired scores of phishing submission on a scale of 0-3 (default: [3]).
  • enclave_ids (list(string)) – List of enclave ids to pull submissions from. (defaults to all of a user’s enclaves).
  • status (list(string)) – List of statuses to filter submissions by. Options are ‘UNRESOLVED’, ‘CONFIRMED’, and ‘IGNORED’. (default: [‘UNRESOLVED’]).
  • cursor (string) – A Base64-encoded string that contains information on how to retrieve the next page. If a cursor isn’t passed, it will default to pageSize: 25, pageNumber: 0